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MEGA Bundle for Procreate app (500+ Brushes)

24 ratings
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MEGA Bundle for Procreate app (500+ Brushes)

24 ratings

Alrighty, so you wanna take digital art and Procreate to the next level? 
I have collected a bunch of my all-around popular base brushsets to get started at a discounted price. (Including 3 free packs: Sketching, Stamps and Horse stamps, just so you have everything sorted together in one). You can read more about each individual pack at their own page.

This is also a great gift for a friend or loved one who enjoys digital art!

In this bundle you will recieve:

- Crys' Smudging
- Crys' Glossy
- Crys' Glittery
- Crys' Tool kit
- Crys' Skin&Glitter
- Crys' Nature
- Crys' Lashes&Brows
- Crys' Hair (The classic 20-pack from 2019, not the 50 soft hair pack)
- Crys' Glitter hair
- Crys' Fur
- Crys' Face Details
- Crys' Braids
- Crys' Stamps
- Crys' Sketching
- Crys' Horse stamps

NOTE: This pack will _NOT_ be updated with new-released brushpacks. However, should the already existing brushpacks inside of this bundle be updated to newer versions  - you will be sent the updated version of them for free.

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Digital product, therefore no refund/return/trading allowed. You agree to this by purchashing.

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500+ Brushes (15 seperate packs) for Procreate app


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